Christopher Thiesfield & Associates Pty Ltd
was incorporated to consolidate the joint activities and interests of two school friends:

Mr. Chris Thiesfield, an Indigenous Australian, provides training, mentoring and advice to improve the quality of life for members of Indigenous communities throughout Australia.

Chris is very experienced in taking training programs for delivery into remote Indigenous communities. Chris specialises in Rural property planning, Farm establishment and management and Landscaping. Chris also has extensive Rural skills experience.

Mr. Bruce Gleeson, Solicitor, has interests in the commercial fishing and seafood processing areas throughout Australia and the Pacific Islands. Bruce has extensive experience in the provision of training to Indigenous communities in the Pacific Islands to develop skills and establish small businesses using natural resources available in the respective community areas.

Bruce is also experienced in assisting Indigenous communities and councils throughout Australia to seek funding to implement programs and provide infrastructure that will teach communities how to make best use of their natural resources.

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